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About-Janet-Hild-Design-Pattern-DesignWhat I love about design

Textile design is the perfect meld of science and art.  It is one part chemistry, one part math and 2 parts inspiration.  Weaving creates color and pattern by interlacing yarn.  Yarn thickness and spacing form art into a product.  It’s magical!  Printing uses layering and shading with translucent or opaque color. Pressure and registration can change everything.  How will that affect your vision?  That’s where the fun begins!

My Experience

With stints in furniture refinishing, metal work and graphic design, I came to textiles and felt I had finally found my home.  I won a national competition in grad school for a hand-woven pleated fabric and haven’t looked back since.

After 11 years in the commercial textile industry, I launched my freelance business in 2004.  With clients in fashion, accessories, home and contract markets, production experience has been vital to my success.  As part of my work in contract, I developed the first sustainable fabric to hit the market.  It was a chunky recycled polyester for office panels.  Not the prettiest but definitely the beginning of a movement!   That development started a long-time interest in working toward sustainability in textiles.

My design work continues to grow to include illustration, painting, and multi-media projects.  Digital manipulation brings all the work together.  Pointcarre and Adobe Creative Cloud software are some of the tools I use for production-ready work.  I am inspired by the architecture of the natural world, unusual patterns in the built environment, shadow and light.  I make art for the pure fun it brings.  Whether in simple shapes or silly characters,  my wish is that you feel the joy I am attempting to capture.

Contact Me

Email me if you like my work and want to collaborate.  I create original artwork, edit designs, create awesome repeats, and love to spin ideas into reality.  Contact me today!