Sun and Ink

mind freedom • soul yoga • having tea with my monkey

in the #metoo era, we need a place to go to release our minds, open our closed mouths, let go of protecting our bodies.  This art is my place.  This is where I go. This is a place of freedom, where I can’t plan every move, where things happen and I am as much bystander as creator and it is all good.  These are studies and complete works. They are fresh and ancient. They are chaos and contained. They are delicate and dense. They are me. It is a fragile place, but it’s mine.

I let the paints do what they do best.  I guide them into place, around and in flowers, leaves and other obstacles. I let them run and smear and pool, interacting with the paper and each other until they are settled.  The sun pulls out the water, leaving the color with multiple edges. Time caught in stages.
Very satisfying. Very freeing… More sugar little monkey?

Prints of these originals are available from 3inAugust on Etsy (coming soon).